At Access City Gate our goal is to ensure every Homes & Offices have access to affordable computer Devices​ (Laptop & Phone) +internet access for global business participation. We also give better services and sell cheap computer accessories & computer parts .e.g. Hard drive, Screen, Motherboards, Flash drive, USB, Power Adaptor, Battery, DVD Drive etc.

No matter how long you’ve used an item, there comes a time when you need a replacement. Computer Devices are used regularly this days especially Cell Phones and Laptops. At some point it may get damage or loss, which definitely needs repair or replacement.

Get Better Deal Exchanging Your OLD Laptop for New or Better Ones. It’s an opportunity to spend less for better Laptop. While you get rid of your dilapidated computer for Better Ones.

For Security Reasons our primary focus on Laptop SWAP is our clients, individuals that bought their laptops directly from us till date. This as become necessary to avoid risk of swapping Stolen Laptops. But you can also visit us if you have valid papers.

Always check our website @ for any “USED ITEMS” such as cylinder, Blender, Cooker, Iron, Washing machine, LED/LCD TV, Laptops, Home theater, Children Clothes, Bales, Bicycle, Cake mixer, Shoes & Others. These items comes from Asia, UK & USA offloaded in Warehouse.

Remember when next you’ve a need for any “USED ITEMS”. Just call or chat with me on 07081696734

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How Do I Swap My Laptop For a Better One? Simply Come to Our Office with Your Old Laptop For Evaluation or Assessment To Know The Price Value Of Your Old Laptop. Thereafter, Select the Laptop You Wish to Swap With and add up the Price difference.

If we don’t have your choice Laptop, You are Free to hold on till we have your desire Laptop. For example, if your OLD LAPTOP valued N15k. And the price value for a better One (HP EliteBook) cost N75k (You are free to find out price detail from any store before swapping your Laptop) that means you balance up with the sum of N60k.

Does It comes with Warranty?
Yes, 2 weeks warranty

What Is The Requisite For Swap?
Prove of Ownership, Valid Receipt, National ID Card & International Passport

Do I Need To Come In Person?
You May send a representative or send detail of your Laptop via WhatsApp with pictures for negotiation on price value before coming

Can I Invite Others?
Yes, You can invite as many as possible

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