HTC One, 1Sim, 4G-LTE, 2G/32GB (37k5)
Samsung S5 Neo, 1Sim, 2G/16 (37k5)
Galaxy A5, 1Sim, 4G-LTE, 2G/16GB (37k5)
5″ HUAWEI, 1Sim. 4G LTE, 8GB,1G (15k5)
5.5″ Huawei 1-Sim, 2G-Ram/16GB (25k5)
5″ Motorola 2-sim 2G-Ram/16GB (28k5)
4″ VIVO s7t, 2-Sim 512/4GB (7,500)
5.5″ OYSIN 1Sim, 1G, 8.00GB (15,500)
5″ LG Android 1Sim, 2G, 32.00GB (28,500)
10.1″ GROOVV Android Tablet 18k5

Dell e6230 corei7, (500/6) 75k5
Dell E5330 corei3 (500/3gig) 50k5
HP 8470p corei5 (500/4gig) 60k5

18″ Rechargeable Fan 13k5
16″ Standing Fan 9k5
Music Fan 15k5
Deep Fryer 9k5
18″ Binatone Standing Fan 11k5
Portable 3ft Fridge (Black) 20,500
Binatone Garment Steamer 18k5
Binatone Dry Iron 2.5k
Binatone 5KVA stabilizer 24k5
Binatone Wall Fan 8k5
Binatone Toaster (4k5)
Binatone Rice cooker (8k5)
Pressure COOKER (PC-11001) 11k5
Pressure Cooker (PC-7001) 8k5
Pressure Cooker (PC-5001) 7k5
Blender (BLG-555) 9k5
Steam Iron (SI-1850) 4k5
Water Kettle (CEJ-1780) 2k5

Adult BICYCLE (18k5)
Children Bicycle (12k5)
12.5 kg Gas cylinder (9k5)
2Face-Gas cooker (10k)
Washing machine (45k5)
Fridge / freezer (45k5)
Double Door fridge / freezer (47k5)
LG 2HP Air-conditioned (63k5)
32″ LED TV Celcus (46k)
40″ Toshiba LED TV (66k)
12volt Rechargable Fan Battery (4k)

For Those interested in Buying Binatone Products For resell kindly let me know the particular item(s) when you’re ready for it.

Celcus (UK used) LED
Model number P32LED13
High Definition: Ready
Power Consumption: 58 Watts

Screen Size : 32 inches
USB port: Yes
Price: N46,000

40″ Toshiba LED TV
Model: 40L1343DG LED TV
Full HD, CI + Black

Full HD LED TV with 40 “(102cm) diagonal is the perfect TV for kitchen, working, children, bedroom or guest room.

Full-HD TV signal to your new TV.
With the 2-USB slot, you can also easily your latest pictures, music and videos from your USB stick or external hard drive on your TV play.

The extensive hotel mode lets you make individual settings of the menu and the channel lists, which you can then copy via USB stick from one to several TVs (USB cloning). You define the maximum / fixed volume, you can receive your guests with an individual welcome message. The OSD, the Teletext can be deactivated. Your guests can define a wake-up channel and alarm time.


We Are Still Excepting New List From BINATONE


Business activities take the following shape as we commence business each week for those buying online.

Every week as items are offloaded we will try as much as possible to keep you updated. And I understand majority are looking forward to buy used item for resell to make ExtraCASH likewise buying for personal use, then let’s follow below listed points to obtain our set goal.

  1. Pictures of items uploaded
  2. Items identified
  3. Selection of item(s)
  4. Pictures of selected item(s) for confirmation.
  5. Confirmation of item(s) by buyer
  6. Buyer make payment for the item(s)
  7. Pick up, Courier or way billing of item(s) to buyer destination (mostly weekend)
  8. Arrival and confirmation of item(s) by buyer.
  9. We thank Almighty God for successful transaction.

Individual requesting for any other items not presently available should please wait patiently for the update through all our channels. Thanks

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