1. This is your Final Destination for Best Quality and Affordable used items. A platform where people have access to various items that arrived from Europe, Asia & America to over 10 warehouses in Lagos such as Clothes, Shoes, Electronics, Vehicles, Ladies accessories, Cosmetic, Sewing machine, Air conditioner, Refrigerator, Furniture, Tools etc

2. This platform help our Friends oversea to get information on sell-able items in Nigeria. They will know what to buy over there, where to offload and sell them to end-users in Lagos. 

3. Better opportunity to make Extra CASH selling used items bought directly from the warehouse. Working online after office hour selling used items become easy.

4. Access to regular information on offloaded items, picture and prices is available on regular basis. Items are sold at a cheaper rate compared to what is obtainable at the open market. You can choose to buy in unit or bulk.

Join the chat-room for regular update on warehouse offload on TELEGRAM  or WHATSAPP.

Follow our page on Nairaland for  more picture on available offloaded items.

Send the list of items you’re ready to buy. It will guide us on how to serve you each day of the month.


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