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Two things matter in business.

1. Products and services

2. People that willing to pay.

"You can get whatever you want, if only you can help others to get what they want" 

At ACCESS CITY GATE NIG we are committed to the business of helping you sought for what you are looking for in the warehouse at a low budget. 

 We also sell, buy and swap laptops. So, you can swap your old laptop for a better one at affordable price. 

Call or WhatsApp us today on +2347081696734

Part of our Goal is to give business of selling  "USEDITEMS" a face lift and the opportunity it deserves. The business has the potential to grow globally. Building an online store while planting shops in major cities in our country. It is good to know that people outside Nigeria can get in touch with us to know what and what they can put in their containers for business purposes, likewise enquire for market values; this will ultimately help them filling up their container on a regular basis. 

It is important to know that there are risk involve, but overtime we have known how the system works, and able to surmount varoius challenges connected with warehouse business, our relationships with importer is hassle free. We buy items, and sell at affordable prices to reseller and end users, and so far, it has been a wonderful experience.

We are committed to the business of selling used household items at affordable rate to everyone in our community.

Now that you are on our website, you can as well visit our page on Nairaland to view items such as cylinder, Blender, Cooker, Iron, Washing machine, LED/LCD TV, Laptops, Home theater, Children Clothes, Bales, Bicycle, Cake mixer, Shoes & Others. These items comes from Asia, UK & USA offloaded in warehouse.

We will be expecting responses from our foreign colleagues too for business opportunities. 

Visitors may wish to join our group chat for regular update on offloaded items in the warehouse. 


Are you relocating overseas and looking for ways to convert your stuff into cash? Call or chat on 07081696734 today, we help people sell off their used household items direct to those who needs them on our platform.

So when next you need such services, don't hesitate to contact us.

Join our official Telegram or WhatsApp group for regular update on available items in the warehouse on TELEGRAM  or WHATSAPP please feel free to share the group link with your friends and family. Advertise your products and services on REV MART. Subscribe today and enjoy 3-months subscription for free. Terms and conditions applied. 

Do you need a good laptop to replace or swap with your old one? Then you're in the right place . Call or WhatsApp 07081696734 now!!!